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God’s Transforming Work

A couple of years ago, the youth pastor of a church where I was serving, led much of our worship. He said if we keep our eyes open, we can see transformation happening all around us. His first example was how cool it was for him to take a student surfing for the first time; he could immediately see the student being transformed from a kid into being a "Surfer."

He went on to talk about how it is even more beautiful to watch God’s transformation in action - like when we give an offering and God turns that money into ministries that help people. Or, when we have a yard sale and the “junk,” that has piled up in our garages gets turned into scholarships; and how we, when we follow Christ, we get transformed into people who are forgiven, loved, and loving.

My prayer is that you too would have eyes to see God’s transforming love at work all around you. And may you trust that God is at work in your own life - even now.

Let us pray: Loving God, we confess that there are times in life when we get discouraged, times when we see only the negative, only the darkness. We pray today for an ability to see the upside and the positive in each and every situation. Help us to trust that with you all things are possible! Give us strength of heart, and embolden our spirits that we might overcome any obstacle that keeps us from serving you. Amen.

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