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Do Inside and Outside Match?

Today, I am deeply grateful for those of you who have supported the Dial Hope Foundation with a financial donation. So many people benefit from your giving!

Francis de Sales is one of the revered saints of French history. A bishop planned to write a biography of de Sales, so he wanted to know what this man was really like. When he visited de Sales, the bishop drilled a hole in the wall so he could spy on his conduct.  What he learned was almost nothing, but it was also almost everything. He discovered that de Sales was the same in private as in public. He was a man of integrity.

I once heard Christian scholar Martin Marty share why he liked a friend so much. He said, “Her inside matches her outside.” Again, that's integrity. It makes me smile to think about it, and I have to believe it's worth striving for.

May we all learn to live more in harmony with what we believe in public and in private. And, in doing so, may we experience a deeper peace.

Let us pray: Loving God, you know we want to live lives that are more integrated, more whole, more in tune with you. Give us eyes to see where we come up short, but give us grace so we don't get stuck in despair. And then, give us the will and the help we need to refine, readjust and renew our lives; through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Friends, if you’d like to learn more about the Dial Hope Foundation, please visit our website at Thanks again for calling!

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