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Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! This year I have been reflecting on all those who have labored on my behalf over the last year. They are way too many to name:
Store clerks, pastors, board members, military personnel, police officers, sanitation workers, teachers, doctors, dentists, realtors, fire-fighters, nurses, farmers, truckers, bankers. I could go on and on. In fact, if we stop and think about it, everyday we depend on the hard work of people all over the globe.
Yet, how often do we stop and thank them? Today, let us lift up a prayer of thanksgiving. And this year, whenever possible, let us express our gratitude for their service.

Let us pray: We thank you today, Gracious God, for the men and women who have worked hard on our behalf over this last year. Some of them we’ve met, many we haven’t. Some of them get paid for their work, others do not. But we recognize that without them, our lives would be much more difficult. Thank you. May they know your blessing and grace this day.
Loving God, we also pray for all those who are looking for work and who may feel discouraged. We lift up to you others who are not busy and who long for friendship or for meaningful work. And we pray for others still, who for economic reasons, cannot slow down. We ask you to meet each of us today at the deepest point of our need. Remind us - in the hectic moments – and in the quiet sometimes lonely moments - to notice your healing, guiding presence. Amen.
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